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    Lower Fuel Costs &
    Environmentally Clean
    Benfit yourself and the world around you.
    CNG provides very cheap alternative source for safely, cleanly
    and affordably fueling your vehicles. CNG is ordorless, colorless
    and tasteless and consist mostly of methane (CH4).
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    Get Your CNG
    Conversion Kit!
    Which kit is best for you?
    We sell, and/or install the complete conversion kits that include
    everything you need to convert your car, van, truck or fleet to be
    fueled by the inexpensive, eco-friendly Compressed Natural Gas.
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    Professional Services for
    individuals & fleets
    Let us start converting your vehicles
    No job too big or too small. There is a Custom CNG Solution for you.
    We can service anyone from an individual car or diesel truck conversion,
    to fleets of company vehicles. You have needs and we have solutions.
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    Find the closest
    CNG Fuel Station
    Right in your own backyard
    Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling stations are located all
    throughout the United States. Find CNG fueling stations near an
    address or ZIP code near you, it's probably closer than you think!

Looking for the best Custom CNG Solution?

Both the environment and vehicle owners will benefit from a CNG vehicle conversion.

#1 Save Big on Fuel Costs

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Gasoline prices can be scary. You don’t need to take it anymore. In most areas of the country, CNG sells for about 1/2 the price of gasoline. For fleets, this can mean a significant reduction in one of your biggest expenses. Natural gas costs, on average, 33% to 50% less than conventional gasoline and 42% less than diesel fuel (on an energy equivalent basis) at the pump.

#2 Natural Gas is Domestic

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The U.S imports over one billion dollars per day of crude oil, from all over the world. However, here in the US we have estimated to have over a 100 year supply of natural gas. Plus, 98% of the natural gas we use in the US is produced right here in North America. You can help support national security, US jobs and the US economy by switching your vehicles to run on CNG.

#3 Natural Gas is Clean

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Natural Gas has a low carbon content. Compared to gasoline, it produces 30 to 40% less carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. Nitrogen oxides are also reduced by more than 60% and carbon monoxide is reduced by more than 90%. In fact, because Natural Gas burns so clean, the time between oil changes can be extended. Be an environmental superhero, and chose CNG.

Welcome to Custom CNG Solutions, the Future of Fuel!

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is widely used throughout the world to fuel all types of vehicles, however the use in the United States has only recently began to grow despite our abundant natural gas resources. The rising prices of gasoline at the pump, as well as increasing environmental concerns, has caused many Americans to seek alternative fuel options that are cheaper and better for our planet. The natural gas vehicle market is growing but the lack of fill stations, CNG conversion companies, and vehicle manufacturers have made it a slow growth. We are very excited to be at the forefront of this industry and firmly believe that compressed natural gas is the fuel of the future.

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